Again, HCT Floors is a leading brand when it comes to boardwalks. HCT Floors Decking is of superior quality and environmentally friendly. HCT Floors Boardwalks have a proven record of harsh Australian climatic weather conditions.

HCT Floors have a variety of solutions to offer for boardwalks. We only use boardwalk materials sourced from environmentally managed land and treated to H3 using Tan E treatment to prevent insect attack. This gives our clients piece of mind as they can be guaranteed the timber used is from a reliable source and will stand the test of time.

Some of species commonly used and available through HCT Floors include:

  • Forest Red Gum
  • Grey Gum
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Treated Pine
  • Queensland Spotted Gum
  • Red Ironbark
  • Tallowwood

HCT Floors has supplied many Boardwalk materials to various different projects. Some of these projects include Western Plains Zoo Dubbo and Taronga Zoo Sydney. HCT Floors can supply boardwalk materials or supply and install the complete systems including main sub frame materials.

HCT Floors Boardwalks come in many sizes and shapes to cover various applications and uses. Our broad range of sizes cover anything from 25 x 25 to 450 x 450. Larger custom sizes and thicknesses are also available on request.

Once again, quality is a factor we put first in every project, especially boardwalks because of their continual exposure to the harsh Australian elements.

Again, design and installation through to the finishing touches, the team at HCT Floors are more than capable of meeting your needs when it comes to boardwalks. Contact us today and let us assist you with your project.